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  Sunday, January 28
8:00am ISA Certified Arborist, Utility Specialist, Municipal Specialist, and Certified Tree Worker Written Exam
Vendor move-in
11:00am Registration Desk Open (Lunch on your own)

DEC Track: DEC Track: The Three Body Problem: Evaluating Sick Plants - Jeremy Sayers, President, The Tree Doctor

Professional arborists are routinely tasked with the job of making sick plants better. This session examines the process and problems of evaluating, diagnosing and treating ailing trees and shrubs. It will discuss insects, diseases, and abiotic stressors, examine how multiple factors combine to cause plant health failure and the process of decline in trees. Treatment options are discussed including the use of pesticides and mechanical interventions. Last, it will look into the process of diagnosis and the role of logic and critical thinking in reaching accurate conclusions.

Approved Credits: 1.50 NYS DEC: category 3a; ISA: 1.5 Certified Arborist, 1.5 Municipal Specialist, 0.75 BCMA-Science, 0.75 BCMA-Practice and 1.5 CNLP


Tree Academy Track: Apps for Arborists - Brandon M. Gallagher Watson, Creative Director, Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements

Tablet computers and smartphones are changing the way people access information, the way they interact with each other, and the way they do business. However, with nearly a million apps available these days, how do you sift through the morass to find the ones best suited for the way our industry does business?

In this presentation you will learn how what apps tree care professionals are utilizing in their everyday business and how you can put them to work for you. We’ll go through at least a dozen different apps that can change the way you do tree care. Bring your device and play along!

Approved Credits: ISA: 1.5 Certified Arborist, 1.5 BCMA-Management and 1.5 CNLP


DEC Track: Cornell Pest Update: Pest(s), Present and Future - Dan Gilrein, Entomology / Interim Associate AG Program Director, Cornell Cooperative of Suffolk County

Pests on landscape plants are as certain as death and taxes, but each year sees a different range as well as some new ones. This presentation will review the insect and mite issues seen on landscape plants in the past year, including some new and emerging problems like the Norway spruce shoot gall midge.

Some areas of the state saw heavy defoliation from several caterpillars and a new ‘drippy oak’ syndrome was seen for the first time on Long Island. Oak wilt is also an increasing concern, transmitted by certain sap beetles. Changes in the Cornell Guidelines and NY product registrations will also be covered. Bring your questions.

Approved Credits: NYS DEC: .05 - category 2, 1.0 - categories 3a, 9; ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 0.5 BCMA-Science, 0.5 BCMA-Practice and 1.0 CNLP


Tree Academy: ANSI A300 Pruning Update - Wayne Dubin, Vice-President and Division Manager for NJ & NY, Bartlett Tree Experts Co.

The ANSI A300 Part 1 Pruning Standard was first established in 1995. In 2017, the ANSI A300 Committee approved an update to the 2008 standard. Key changes include a flow chart, the departure of pruning methods, the addition of pruning systems, an annex, and the relocation of definitions to the rear of the standard.

This course will review the notable changes and focus on the development of specifications writing consistent with the updated standard.

Approved Credits: ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 1.0 Utility Specialist, 1.0 Municipal Specialist, 1.0 BCMA-Practice, 1.0 TW Climber Specialist, 1.0 TW Aerial Lift Specialist and 1.0 CNLP

2:40-3:00pm Refreshment Break in Vendor Area

DEC Track: What a Warming World Means for Pest Outbreaks - Dr. Michael Raupp, Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland

This session will review evidence of climate and change and explore possible causes. Attendees will learn how warmer temperatures can alter ranges of pests, seasonal phenology of insects and mites, and interactions among plants, herbivores, and their natural enemies. Special emphasis will be placed on invasive species and urban heat islands.

Approved Credits: 1.25 NYS DEC: categories 3a, 9;  ISA: 1.25 Certified Arborist, 1.25 BCMA-Science and 1.25 CNLP


Tree Academy Track: Professional Chainsaw Performance – Cary Shepard, CTSP, Commercial Sales Manager-Tree Group, Husqvarna Group

Attendees will learn how to maximize the performance of your chain saw and 2-stroke power equipment to increase safety and productivity. This presentation includes equipment design, technology, maintenance, tuning, and everything you need to know to keep your saws running with peak power and cost per use that delivers a positive return on investment. You will eliminate the majority of problems that can occur by integrating this information into your fleet management protocol.

Approved Credits: ISA: 1.25 Certified Arborist, 1.25 Utility Specialist, 1.25 Municipal Specialist, 1.25 BCMA-Practice, 1.25 TW Climber Specialist, 1.25 TW Aerial Lift Specialist; 1.25 CTSP and 1.25 CNLP


DEC Track: Friend or Foe? How will you know? Identification of Insect Larvae - Dr. Michael Raupp, Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland

Accurate identification of pests and beneficial organisms on plants provides pest managers with information to make informed decisions. Natural enemies may have the potential to reduce pest populations to tolerable levels providing an arborist with the option of not spraying or intervening. If natural enemies or pollinators are present and abundant, products that are least disruptive to these beneficials may be the right choice.

In this presentation, attendees will learn easy techniques to aid in the identification of common groups of pests and natural enemies found externally on leaves and bark and larvae boring into woody landscape plants using a simple dichotomous key.

Approved Credits: 1.25 NYS DEC: categories 3a, 9;  ISA: 1.25 Certified Arborist, 0.5 BCMA-Science, 0.75 BCMA-Practice and 1.25 CNLP


Tree Academy Track: Creating an Arboretum from Scratch and Getting It Accredited – Tom Draves, Owner, Draves Arboretum

Approved Credits: ISA: 1.25 Certified Arborist, 1.25 and 1.25 BCMA-Management and 1.25 CNLP

5:45-7:00pm Meet & Greet Reception in Vendor Area
  Monday, January 29
6:30am Registration Desk Open

Women in Arboriculture Networking Breakfast

Who do you to reach out to when you need help? How do you connect with others to work on projects? Networking, developing relationships and mentoring can help advance careers. Women can benefit professionally by sharing resources and experiences with each other, especially when working in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Join NYSA President-elect Lori Brockelbank and LIAA President Adriana Jacykewycz and a panel of distinguished women share their working experiences in the arboriculture industry. You'll have the opportunity to hear their stories and connect with other women who share a passion for trees and are looking for positive role models and mentors. Our panelists are: Frances Reidy, Owner, Dryad Tree & Shrub Diagnostics, LLC and Deborah Greene, Manager, Southampton Office, Bartlett Tree Experts. There is no additional cost to attend. Pre-registration is required. All are welcome.

7:00-8:30am Continental Breakfast in Vendor area

General Session: Horticultural Myths - Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, Associate Professor and Extension Urban Horticulturist, Washington State University Puyallup Research & Extension Center

Landscape professionals want the latest plant and soil science information to pass on to their clients, but how to tell what’s science – and what’s pseudoscience? You can quickly lose your credibility (and business) when you end up promoting products and practices that aren’t based on reputable science.

This seminar will provide landscape professionals with some guidelines for evaluating articles, books, and electronic resources objectively. We will then use those guidelines to evaluate some products and practices of current interest.

Approved Credits: 1.0 NYS DEC: category 3a;  ISA: 1.5 Certified Arborist, 1.5 BCMA-Management and 1.5 CNLP


Spanish Language Session: TCIA Chipper Operator Specialist Training Session - Leo Roldan, SavATree

Accidents involving brush chippers are a significant concern for tree care and landscape employers, the employees who operate the equipment and manufacturers alike. Strong anecdotal information from the field tells us that chipper operators receive little or no formal training on chipper operation and field maintenance. This course will be presented in Spanish and designed to train tree care employees in hazards, as well as accepted practices for brush chipper operation and other associated tasks. The course is built for crew members who often do not receive formal training opportunities and will increase employee involvement with overall safety compliance and self-policing. Pre-registration is required.

Approved Credits: ISA: 3.0 Certified Arborist, 3.0 Utility Specialist, 3.0 Municipal Specialist, 3.0 BCMA-Management, 3.0 TW Climber Specialist, 3.0 TW Aerial Lift Specialist, 3.0 CTSP and 3.0 CNLP

10:00-10:45am Refreshment Break in Vendor area

DEC Track: NYS DEC Rules and Regulations Update - Catherine Ahlers, Pesticide Control Specialist II, NYS DEC 

Attendees will hear an update on pesticide application rules and regulations and what to expect during an inspection including common violations, record keeping and lawn care contracts.

Approved Credits: 1.0 NYS DEC credit: category CORE; ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 1.0 Municipal Arborist, 0.5 BCMA-Practice, 0.5 BCMA-Management, 1.0 CTSP and 1.0 CNLP credit


Tree Academy Track: Are Native-Species Planting Mandates Good for Biodiversity? - Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, Associate Professor and Extension Urban Horticulturist, Washington State University PREC

Many municipalities now require a certain percentage of native trees and shrubs in new landscape installations. Native plants are perceived as requiring fewer inputs, especially in terms of pesticides, fertilizers, and water. Introduced woody species are increasingly perceived as undesirable, primarily because they are lumped together with their invasive counterparts.

This presentation will summarize the current science regarding the effects of native and nonnative tree species on urban landscape stability. A more practical approach than simply mandating more native species will be suggested.

Approved Credits: 1.0 NYS DEC credit: category 3a; ISA: Certified Arborist, 1.0 Municipal Specialist, BCMA-Practice and 1.0 CNLP

11:45am-1:00pm Association Luncheon with Incoming/Outgoing President remarks, Board Elections, Industry Awards & Tree Fund Heads & Tails Raffle

DEC Track:, Identifying Wood Decay Fungi, and Managing in Plant Health Care – Dr. Chris Luley, Urban Forest Diagnostics LLC

This presentation will guide arborists on identification of decay fungi, and their appropriate treatments within an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM), and is based on a free, recently developed website

Wood decay is the most common disease of urban and landscape trees, and management of decay diseases within an IPM program is essential knowledge for arborists. Treatments for decay will be discussed and can range from the use of pesticides to tree removal depending on the pathogen present and severity of the disease.

The reasons that plant health care treatments to improve tree vigor and enhance host resistance are the most effective means to manage decay infected trees will be presented. However, any treatment prescription for decay is based on identification of the pathogen present.

Approved Credits: .50 NYS DEC: categories: 2, 3a; ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 1.0 Utility Specialist, 1.0 Municipal Specialist, 0.5 BCMA-Science, 0.5 BCMA-Practice, 1.0 TW Climber Specialist, 1.0 TW Aerial Lift Specialist and 1.0 CNLP


Tree Academy Track: Planning for the 10th Edition Guide for Plant Appraisal - Scott Cullen, RCA (will be submitted for ISA credits)

The Guide for Plant Appraisal is the professional plant appraiser’s how-to manual for determining size, species, condition, and location factors that influence the value of plants. Not only is it an invaluable source for establishing the valuation of plant casualties, but the guide is also a reference for real estate transactions, insurance purposes, plant condemnation actions, and tree inventories.

Attendees will receive a preview of the six elements for the 10th Edition. These elements have the single goal of attaining competence in practice

The elements include:
1) A Timeline
2) Change
3) Investment (Time and Money)
4) Reading
5) Training
6) Practice

Approved Credits: ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 1.0 Municipal Specialist, 1.0 BCMA-Management and 1.0 CNLP


DEC Track: Invasive Pest Update - Michael Formichelli, Horticultural Inspector-1, NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets

Attendees will learn about new developments concerning Asian Longhorned beetle and Emerald Ash Borer and will go over any recent quarantine changes for ALB or zone restriction changes for EAB. An overview of what attendees need to know about 6NYCRR Part 575 will be given, and questions answered. An overview on reporting invasive pests and disposal of infested material will be included. At the conclusion of the presentation, there will be a brief Q and A session.

Approved Credits: 1.0 NYS DEC credit: categories 2, 3a, 9; ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 1.0 Municipal Specialist, 1.0 BCMA-Practice and 1.0 CNLP


Tree Academy Track: Saw Chain, Bars, & Sprockets - Cary Shepard, CTSP, Commercial Sales Manager-Tree Group, Husqvarna Group

Saw chain is one of the most misunderstood components for chain saw operators…until attending this presentation. Attendees will leave with all the information you need to become an expert in filing, maintaining, and purchasing the right chain for different applications. Attendees will also learn about bars and sprockets and associated application and maintenance. Sharp chain and properly maintained cutting components are like a sharp knife in the kitchen in delivering safety and productivity.

“Give me 6 hours to cut down the tree…and I’ll take 4 to sharpen the Axe.” – Abe Lincoln.

Approved Credits: ISA: 1.0 Certified Arborist, 1.0 Utility Specialist, 1.0 Municipal Specialist, 1.0 BCMA-Practice, 1.0 TW Climber Specialist, 1.0 TW Aerial Lift Specialist, 1.0 CTSP and 1.0 CNLP