Our keynote speaker will be Philip van Wassenaer with an opening presentation on “Tree Risk Assessment, from Simple to Complex” following up later in the conference with “Reduce the Crown, Retain the Tree.”

We will offer sessions in the “Tree Academy” and “DEC” tracks. Here is a sneak peek at some of the speakers you can expect at this year’s conference:

  • Beth Brantley will talk about “The Conifer Conundrum”: the prevalence of foliar pathogens, environmental conditions, soils, what is happening across the eastern seaboard to our conifers.
  • Greg Packman will discuss ground-based scouting for Massaria Fungus in London Planetrees, and managing Massaria infected London Planetrees after diagnosis.
  • Mike Tilford will talk safety regarding Personal Protective Equipment provided by the employer, and inspecting your gear and remaining safe.
  • Dr. Chris Luley asks "Does Biology Trump Biomechanics?"
  • Dan Gilrein and Margery Daughtrey will talk about being "On the Offensive: Updates on Invasive Pests and Beech Leaf Disease"
  • Leo Roldan and Sandra Lopez will offer Tree Academy sessions in Spanish
  • Catherine Ahlers and Don Nelson will talk about DEC regulations

More Details to Come!