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NYSA Logo Coffee Mugs (home dishwasher safe!)

$5.50 each (plus shipping and handling**)
Two Mugs for $10.00 (plus shipping and handling**)


Golf Shirt 

NYSA Logo Polo Shirts

Lady's Medium - $20.00 each (plus shipping and handling**)
Men's Medium XL - $20.00 each (plus shipping and handling**)
Men's XXL - $24.00 each (plus shipping and handling**)





NYSA Logo Long-Sleeve T Shirts

Lady's Medium - $15 (also available in black, limited quantities) (plus shipping and handling)
Men's Medium-XL - $15 (plus shipping and handling)
Men's XXL - $18 (plus shipping and handling)


**A $6.50 shipping and handling minimum fee is an added to each order. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling fees over $6.50 minimum fee.

Avoid the shipping and handling fees and pick up your order at the Annual Conference. Indicate on the order form that you will be picking up your order at the conference and we'll have it ready for you at the registration desk.


Complete the order form and return it to NYSA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..