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Tree Trimmer

 Village of Scarsdale

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  • DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: The incumbent of this position performs semi-skilled tasks
    in connection with the maintenance, pruning, trimming, spraying, transplanting, and felling of trees.
    This is routine skilled work involving responsibility for the efficient performance of assignments
    requiring a practical working knowledge of tree surgery practices. The work includes trimming,
    climbing, spraying, fertilizing, transplanting and removal of trees. Employees in this class receive
    instructions from a supervisor indicating work to be done and work methods to be used. Supervision
    may be occasionally exercised over other members of a tree-climbing crew. Does related work as
    EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
    • Trims, thins, and tops trees;
    • Removes dead, diseased or otherwise hazardous trees and/or branches and shrubs;
    • Climbs trees to reach branches using climbing equipment;
    • Prunes trees using handsaw, pruning poles and power saw;
    • Fells large trees, bracing and cabling larger leaders and limbs;
    • Cleans and fills tree cavity: applies tree wound dressing;
    • Operates machinery such as chain saws, bucket truck, brush chippers, stump grinders, etc. to
    maintain trees and shrubs;
    • Uses ropes, pruning poles, files and other tools and equipment in pruning activities;
    • Participates in other park labor such as planting, cultivating, transplanting, pruning, and
    shearing shrubs and trees, and in filling, rolling, weeding, mowing, and fertilizing grass plots;
    • Operates power sprayers to apply pesticides and fertilizers on trees and shrubs;
    • Performs daily inspection and routine maintenance on equipment used;
    • When not employed on the above work, performs a variety of other manual tasks such as
    shoveling snow, sanding streets, and collecting garbage;
    • May use computer applications or other automated systems such as spreadsheets, word
    processing, calendar, e-mail and database software in performing work assignments.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."