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The ISA Certification program provides recognition of one's professional knowledge by one's peers. As an ISA Certified Arborist with a tested level of knowledge in tree care, you will be promoting yourself and your business. When you tell someone you are an ISA Certified Arborist, they can be confident that you have obtained a standard of knowledge set forth by the industry.

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Please direct all certification questions to the ISA Certification Liaison Lori Brockebank at lbrockelbank@gmail.com.



NYSA is holding a skills test and evaluator training starting on Friday June 12, 2015, and throughout our competition on Saturday June 13, 2015 at Planting Fields Arboretum.

The  ISA Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist Certification works much like the Certified Arborist Program.  The testing consists of a knowledge based exam of 65 questions and a skills portion requiring the ability to tie six (6) knots, complete a basic climb starting at the ground and fulfilling a basic Aerial Rescue scenario.  All the climbing components (apart from a knot tying requirement) can also be fulfilled by successfully completing all five (5) events in a sanctioned tree climbing competition which must be signed off by an ISA approved evaluator.  We are planning to have an evaluator on site.  We also want to provide “Aerial Lift Specialist Skills” testing on a limited basis in order to provide training and approval of evaluators.

NYSA has reviewed the ISA program along with additional training materials available from TCI, Tree Care Academy, specifically the “Tree Climber Specialist” and “Aerial Lift Specialist” booklets which nicely complement the ISA’s “Tree Climber’s Guide” and video combination which will prepare candidates for both the written and skills portion of the test.  We believe this is a worthwhile credential that can provide individuals who are not certified with an excellent basic level of Arboricultural Training with an emphasis on safety, climbing, aerial lift operation, pruning, ropes and knots, rigging and removal, cabling and bracing.  Certified Arborists will benefit from a basic review of fundamental Arboricultural principals covered in the certification manual. There is a much broader, in-depth discussion of the topics pertaining to the proper execution of the fields skills listed.

We are seeking candidates who wish to complete the skills portion of the exam either by completing the entire tree climbing competition or by passing the tree climbing skills test.  If you wish to take the “stand-alone” skills test you must pre-register at least 2 weeks in advance.  Applications are available on-line with ISA.   If you are competing in the Tree Climbing Competition, you will need to complete the Skills Exam Waiver Form. Candidates can take either the written or skills portion first.  We will be offering the written exam at various locations throughout the Chapter after the Tree Climbing Competition.  The dates will be posted.  There will also be training for evaluators on site.  Once our Chapter members become approved evaluators, we will be able to provide in-house certification for Tree Climber Specialist and Aerial Lift Specialist.

In order to prepare yourself, we suggest that you order the following publications:
1) ISA Tree Climber’s Guide – 3rd Edition with Skills Test preparation DVD.
2) Tree Care Industry Association – Tree Care Academy/Tree Climber Specialist manual
3) Tree Care Industry Association – Tree Care Academy/Aerial Life Specialist manual

If you are interested in participating in the Skills Test, please review the ISA Tree Worker Climber and/or Aerial Lift Specialist candidate application Handbook. Please take note of the knots you will be required to tie. If you’re interested in taking the Evaluator Training at the Climbing Championship, download the manual, fill out the application and bring it to the training. NYSA will submit the application to ISA after the Competition for review.

Please feel free to contact NYSA with any questions at 518-694-5507or info@nysarborists.com.

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