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Mark Your Calendar for the 2019 NYS Fair
August 21 through September 2

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NYSA thanks Jim Maloney and all of our members who volunteered to work the NYSA booth at the NYS Fair.

We are proud of their dedication in supporting NYSA and serving the community.

It's not to late to volunteer. Contact Jim Maloney if you are interested at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



2018 Volunteers
Rob Barrett
Jason Beardsley
Jeff Bell
Art Brooks
Clare Carney
Dan Deyle
Duane Dickinson
Paul Gardner
Mike Gorham
John Gwozdz
Rebecca Hargrave
Steve Harris
Jordan Jozak
Ken Kirkman
Justin Kwiatkowski
Nick Kwiatkowski
Mike Mahanna
Chris Manchester
Rich Nelson
Ed Niedzielski
Teri Niedzielski
Jason Pieklik
Marty Roberts
Ron Rogers
Chris Sandstrom
Steve Steimer
Tim Ticknor
John Zamierowski