Tree Climbing Championship

Sponsorship Information
Our success in hosting this event comes from the generous support of volunteers and sponsors. Your contribution provides basic competition supplies and underwrites event expenses for all participants. These expenses include, but are not limited to: refreshments, t-shirts, signs, printing and mailing, supplies, equipment and contestant prizes.

Tree care-related equipment donations are also encouraged and will be used as competitor prizes and complimentary gifts.

♦ Master Sponsor (donation of cash or gifts of $500 or more)
♦ Gold Leaf Sponsor (donation of cash or gifts $250)
♦ Event Sponsor (donation of cash or gifts $150)
♦ Supporting Friend (donation of cash or gifts under $150)

♦ All sponsors will be listed in the Tree Climbing Championship on the NYSA website.
♦ Master Level sponsors will have their logo printed on the event t-shirt that competitors and judges will be wearing the day of the event.
♦ Sponsors who donate $150 or more will have their name displayed on a sign placed at one or more of the five Tree Climbing Championship events.

Reserve your sponsorship here or contact NYSA at 518-694-5507 discuss sponsorship opportunities.