TRAQ LogoTree Risk Assessment Qualification

The qualification consists of a 2-day educational course followed by a ½ day assessment that includes both a written and field component. It is required that you attend the course and successfully complete the assessment in order to receive this qualification.


The ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) program provides an opportunity for professionals in the arboriculture industry to expand their knowledge through education and training in the fundamentals of tree risk assessment. This qualification promotes the safety of people and property by providing a standardized and systematic process for assessing tree risk. The results of a tree risk assessment can provide tree owners and risk managers with the information to make informed decisions to enhance tree benefits, health, and longevity.

This course will cover:

  • Tree Biology and Mechanics
  • Tree Inspection and Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Risk Categorization
  • Risk Reporting

TRAQ Program Testimonial

Having TRAQ has enabled me to use consistent language and an accepted rating system for determining a trees risk to homeowners and the community. Using a legally validated form for every tree makes prioritizing simple and documents residual risks, re-inspection intervals and so on. This covers you if anything goes wrong.

It’s also been tremendously useful for my clients in persuading their neighbors to remove dead and risky trees. Documenting risk on a form/matrix that uses the same language as insurance companies and lawyers is invaluable if ever in a court situation.

Also, the course itself was very instructional. Even as a Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA), I learned new information that has changed the way I look at trees. I’ve always leaned towards saving trees rather than removing and this course provided me with a bit more balance.

Jeremy Sayers, BCMA
The Tree Doctor Consulting
Clarence, NY
NYSA Past President