certification isaThe ISA Certification program provides recognition of one's professional knowledge by one's peers. As an ISA Certified Arborist with a tested level of knowledge in tree care, you will be promoting yourself and your business. When you tell someone you are an ISA Certified Arborist, they can be confident that you have obtained a standard of knowledge set forth by the industry.

Due to the recent effects of COVID-19, please see below for the updated summary of credential policies:

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NO CHANGES – RCAs renew in September.


All paper exams cancelled Through April 30, 2020.

  • No fee to reschedule paper exam for next 90 days
  • Exam does not need to occur within 90 days, but must be rescheduled in that time period.

CBT exams may still take place.

  • Contact Pearson Vue at 888-711-9958 to reschedule an exam.
  • If rescheduling is done with more than 24 hours' notice, fees will be waived.

ISA certifications (CA, BCMA, TW, etc.)

  • Recertification period extended by 120 days.


  • Credentials extended by six months.


  • CTSPs expiring 3/16/20 – 7/16/20 will receive a six-month extension.
  • EHAP renewal dates extended by six months.
  • TCIA-accredited companies – TCIA is working on virtual audits.


  • If license requires renewal/recertification, no grace periods will be given.
  • You cannot apply without a valid license.
  • Wait time of three to six weeks for renewal/recertification.
  • Fastest way to renew/recertify is to mail in form and check the “bill me later” option.
  • Pesticide business registrations expire April 30 for Region 3 and June 30 for Regions 4,5,6 and out of state.
  • -Expect delays in business registrations as well.

Visit the ISA certification website for more information on the certification process.

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