2020 Winter Conference Speaker Presentations

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Opening General Session: Writing Simple Detailed Pruning Specifications

DEC Track: Cornell Pest Update: It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

Tree Academy Track: Evolution of Climbing Techniques

DEC Track: Tree Pruning and It’s Relation to Pest Control

Tree Academy Track: Retrenchment, Reduction, Topping: The Same Difference?

DEC Track: Ticks and Mites: Little Bugs, Big Trouble
HANDOUT: Ten Things to Know About Ticks

Tree Academy Track: Rigging Techniques


DEC Track: NYS DEC Oak Wilt and White Pine Disease Update
HANDOUT: Oakwilt

Tree Academy Track: Affordable Training and Job Briefing Strategies

Spanish Language Session: An Overview of Electrical Hazards and Safety Techniques

DEC Track: Developing a Landscape IPM Monitoring System

Tree Academy Track: A Systematic Approach to Pruning Young and Mature Trees

DEC Track: NYSDEC Rules, Regulations and the Use of Unregistered Use Products Update

Tree Academy Track: Commercial Vehicle Inspection Update
HANDOUT: Level I Truck Inspection Procedure

DEC Track: An Overview of the NYS DEC Urban Forestry Program and Urban Tree Selection, Pests, Diseases, Defects and Treatment

Tree Academy Track: Management of Veteran Trees
HANDOUT: Veteran Tree Management