2019 Winter Conference Speaker Presentations

Sunday, January 27
Opening General Session: Survivor Tree’s Legacy Grows On - Mark Bays

Cornell Pest Update: The Next Worst Thing: Landscape Pests and Planning for 2019 - Dan Gilrein

Tree Academy: Arboriculture Credentialing Discussion

TCIA Credentialing presentation

ASCA presentation

DEC Session: A Holistic Approach to Plant Health Care : A Practitioners Perspective - Aaron Dickinson

Tree Academy: No Splash, No Ripple - A Path to a Better Job Brief - Shawn Reed

DEC Session: Spotted Lantern Fly Overview and Treatment Options - Jeff Picher

Additional information: Understanding and Manage Spotted Lanternfly

Addtional information: Spotted Lanternfly Diagnostic Guide

Addtional information: Spotted Lanternfly Postcard

Tree Academy: The Leadership Tree: Growing Yours from Seed to Stand - Keith Pancake

Monday, January 28
DEC Session: Arboriculture Below Ground - Tree Health Care from the Roots Up? - Aaron Dickinson

Tree Academy: Brooklyn Bridge Park: Managing Trees Ecologically - Rebecca McMackin

DEC Session: NYS DEC Invasive Pest Update - Rob Cole

Tree Academy: Going Out on a Limb: Sharing My Story about the Accident that Almost Ended My Career - Keith Pancake

DEC Session: NYS DEC Rules and Regulations Update - Catherine Ahlers

PESTICIDE CERTIFICATION & TRAINING January 2019 Stakeholder Meeting

Tree Academy: Forestry Assessment and Risk Mitigation - A Risk Prioritization Approach to Urban Forest Management - Benjamin Osborne

DEC Session: Plant Health Maintenance: Focus on Plant Health, NOT the Pest - Fran Reidy

Tree Academy: Urban Formal Pruning (or Spouts Gone Wild) - Bill Logan